Stockholm 2013

Let's go extreme! This year, the Molecular Frontiers Symposium in Stockholm was called "Exploring the Boundaries: the Science of the Extremes".

Human exploration is discovering more extreme and inhospitable environments on Earth, other planets and in space. These discoveries are challenging our current knowledge in science and technology, but are also stirring our imagination.

During this symposium we will navigate different extreme environments on Earth, explore the life that not only survives but thrives in these conditions, and discuss possibilities for human exploration and conquest of extreme environments on this, and other planets.

The goal is to present and discuss broadly the current view and the future challenges of Life and Exploration in Extreme Environments, in order to engage the scientists, students, children and the general public in one of the most fascinating topics, and thus promote the relevance of science and scientific education in all layers of the society.

As usual, the 2013 winners of the Molecular Frontiers Inquiry Prize were announced.

All lectures are available on our YouTube channel MoleClues TV. Here is the playlist!

Download program (Pdf)

Time: 28 May 2013 - 29 May 2013
Location: Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Stockholm, Sweden
Program: Exploring the Boundaries: the Science of the Extremes