Information for parents

MoleClues is learning by asking QUESTIONS in a safe environment, created by Molecular Frontiers, whose expert scientists include twelve Nobel laureates!

MoleClues also is:

• Encouraging students to DISCUSS SCIENCE with other students and expert scientists from all over the world!
• Rewarding student QUESTIONS - developing curious world-citizens with an understanding of science!
• On MoleClues, students are rewarded for QUESTIONS about molecules, not their answers!
 Membership on this Web site is completely free, and we will keep personal data confidential. Members can save high scores for our games, participate in the scientific discussions taking place on MoleClues, and save a list of their favorites in the personal menu “My MoleClues”. All members under the age of 18 are welcome to participate in the Molecular Frontiers Inquiry Prize competition. Your child could win a Prize for being curious and asking a good question.