Information for scientists

MoleClues is The Web site for scientists of all ages to share and enjoy their curiosity about molecules! Whereas schools often emphasize problem solving, Molecular Frontiers gives priority to asking good questions.

On MoleClues we invite young people to submit questions about anything that may fall within the molecular realm, broadly defined. Questions may be discussed in our Open forum, where all members, young and old, can participate.

We also offer young people the opportunity to discuss a question one-on-one with a MoleClues Mentor – this could be you! The best mentors will be rewarded!

Young people under 18 years old can also submit questions for the Molecular Frontiers Inquiry Prize competition, with the chance of winning a medal and an iPod Touch. The Prize is awarded each year to an equal number of boys and girls. The announcement of the winning questions is made at the Molecular Frontiers Symposium, held annually at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in Stockholm, Sweden.
 Molecular Frontiers Symposia have also been arranged in Singapore and in Bangalore, India. In conjunction with the symposia, we host an event called Forum LIVE! (formerly “Youth Forum”) where students are invited to ask questions directly to the scientists participating in the symposium. Read more on

How can I get involved?
Become a member and take part in the discussions with young people here on the Web site.
Become a mentor to a student and help him/her find the way towards an answer to their questions.
Become a coordinator and help match students with the right mentor.
Become a translator, and help spread this Web site to more countries.
• Once approved in any of these roles, you can talk with other scientists in our mentor forum.
• Help us develop the Web site in the way that you want – contact us.