MoleClues for teachers

On MoleClues, students are rewarded for QUESTIONS about molecules, not their answers!

Inspire and reward

The Molecular Frontiers Inquiry Prize for students up to 18 years rewards 5 boys and 5 girls each year for their questions.

See how important the winning questions of 2008 were in Questions followup.

Meet our Nobel Prize winning scientists and ask them questions in our Nobel Room.


Science news

 Science news described simply for your students with  Action suggestions, often including Lesson plans. Excellent material for:
• Linking science lessons to everyday life.
• Encouraging discussions around news items.
• Developing ideas for projects.
• Stimulating curiosity in everyday events.

Discuss science

Join in our Forum discussions with students and scientists from all over the world, encouraging collaboration and internationalism – online on MoleClues or in real life at Forum LIVE!


Choose questions to ask scientists in our MoleClues Interviews.


Educational FUN!

 Games, videos, virtual worlds, crosswords and much more to stimulate curiosity  and creativity and explain science.