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November 30, 2008, 10:50 am

Clean power from ocean currents

Most forms of water generated power require fast flowing water - but scientists have now found how to tap slow-moving oceanic currents to generate clean power.


Water flowing as slowly as one mile per hour - such as in a slow river or in the ocean - can power the world, claim scientists.

And it is cheaper than wind or solar power, according to the article.

The new machine has been based on the way fish swim:  they 'slip stream ' in the wake of fish in front of them, moving faster than they could using their muscles alone.

When water flows past an object, it creates eddies, where the water moves in swirling motion - by placing cylinders attached to springs in slow-moving water, the water flowing by in this turbulent way pushes and pulls the cylinders up and down. The device then converts the mechanical energy in the vibrations of the cylinders into electricity.