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August 24, 2009, 1:22 pm

Healthy popcorn?!

Don't be too surprised if your mother presents you with a bag of popcorn in cinema and says: "Here you go, have somthing healthy"...

[The Independent]

What was discovered?

Popcorn contains relatively high amounts of antioxidants . Those are molecules, that catch and neutralize so called ROS (reactive oxidant species) . ROS contain reactive oxygen molecules that are known to cause all kinds of damage inside your body. One of the most prominent antioxidant is Vitamin C, a molecule called ascorbic acid. It is not only good to have in the body, ascorbic acid is also added as antioxidant to many foods, in order to keep them fresh for a longer time.


How was it discovered?

Scientists measured the concentration of so called polyphenols (antioxidant molecules found in plants) in different wholegrain breakfast cereals and snacks.They found its concentration to be surprinsingly high in popcorn, nearly as high as in fruits and vegetables.


Why is it important?

Eating healthy food can protect you from many diseases. This finding does certainly not mean that you should eat loads of popcorn now! Even better than having popcorn for breakfast is "if you made your own granola cereal from grains, nuts and dried fruit, that would be the optimum," said Dr Vinson from the University of Scanton in Pennsylvania.



Confront your mother with the good news and see how she reacts :)!