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September 6, 2010, 10:11 pm

The scientific method as a corporate strategy?

It may sound unlikely at first, but that is exactly how Craig Venter has summed up his approach. Famous first for his ambition to be the first to sequence the human genome, he has now turned to solving the world's fuel problems!

What was discovered?

Plenty!  But we will need to wait for the publications to find out!

               - read about scientific papers in 'I want to know more' below

Seriously, though, scientists use the Scientific Method as a way to find out about natural phenomena.


Observations are made and data (often numerical data) collected during experiments, which act as evidence, to be used to test a good idea (known as a hypothesis).

Why is it important?

The scientific method is certainly important as the way we move forward with our knowledge of the world. And by applying it to big questions, such as sequencing the human genome or solving the world's fuel problems, Dr. Craig Venter is undoubtedly successful!


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