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October 5, 2010, 4:49 pm

Stuff of child's play leads to Physics Nobel Prize

Who hasn't played with a pencil and sticky tape? So maybe we could have been on the road of discovery to this year's Physics Nobel Prize - but we weren't! The brilliant minds of Geim and Novoselov, however, not only saw with different eyes, but they knew how to investigate their findings scientifically... and their discovery will impact us all!

What was discovered?

Graphene is an amazing material - made from a flat sheet of carbon just one atom thick.


It would be ridiculous to suggest that anyone playing with a pencil and sticky tape could end up winning the Nobel Prize in Physics, but if the right questions are asked when you play with even simple childrens' toys or household items, and researched carefully using the scientific method, it is remarkable what can be discovered!

So, congratulations to Professors Geim and Novoselov!

Let's follow their example - keep on playing and looking carefully... the next major scientific discovery might be right in front of our eyes!

Why is it important?

Graphene is extremely strong and is also an extremely good conductor of electricity... it is set to replace silicon for faster computers and revolutionise electronics.


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