Why are molecules important?

Everything in this world, including us, consists of molecules. An understanding of molecules, and how they react with each other, leads to a better understanding how the world works. And not only that – it is the key to taking part in how our future is shaped!

About us

How is science done?

Perhaps you have at some point felt that scientists already seem to know everything. Over the centuries, we have gathered so much knowledge of how the universe works. But science is more than knowledge and facts. It is an ongoing process of discovery, where we connect new observations with old to increase our understanding of the world.

Share your favorite videos

A great way to discover the world of science and learn new skills is to browse YouTube. But at the same time, it can be a bit overwhelming – which videos are worth watching? Together, let’s build a library of great videos for all to enjoy! Please send links to videos that you like, and have a look at what other MoleClues users have shared!


Come to meet and discuss with world-leading scientists, at our annual Molecular Frontiers Symposia, organized in various places around the globe. These events are always free and open to the public. Scientists present their perspectives and most recent discoveries with molecules as the common theme. If you cannot be there is person, we have good news: the presentations are livestreamed and you can watch them all afterwards on our YouTube channel!

Inquiry Prize

The Molecular Frontiers Inquiry Prize is our annual competition, where we award prizes to those who ask the BEST QUESTIONS! Anyone in the world under the age of 18 can participate. All you need is curiosity!