Of Molecules and Minds – The Machinery of Our Senses and Emotions

The first Molecular Frontiers Symposium to deal with the brain – how does the mind and our senses work, from a molecular perspective? Nobel Prize winner Roderick MacKinnon was among the speakers. He later joined the Scientific Advisory Board of Molecular Frontiers.

The symposium was attended by Her Royal Highness the Crown Princess of Sweden, Victoria. During the symposium, she tested a demo version of the new MoleClues website, which was to be released later that year. Countess Bettina Bernadotte were also among the particpants.

Lectures, in chronological order:

The Molecular Basis of Mechano-Sensitivity

Ching Kung, University of Wisconsin, United States | Homepage

Common Sense About Taste – From the Tongue to the Brain

Charles Zuker, Colombia University, United States | Homepage

Molecules of Vision and Their Evolution

Trevor D. Lamb, Australian National University, Australia | Homepage

Sex Battles in the Brain

Catherine Dulac, Harvard University, United States | Homepage

Fifty Years of Solitude: Deconstructing an Olfactory Circuit for Social Behavior

Cornelia Bargmann, Rockefeller University, United States | Homepage

From Peppers to Peppermints: Natural Products as Probes of the Pain Pathway

David Julius, University of California, San Francisco, United States | Homepage

Molecular fMRI – Seeing Emotions

Raymond Dolan, University College London, United Kingdom | Homepage

Structure and biophysics of nerve impulse propagation

Roderick MacKinnon, Rockefeller University, United States | Homepage

Molecular memories and protein conformation cascades

Susan Lindquist, Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research, MIT, United States

Temporal and spatial measurements of single exocytosis events

Andrew Ewing, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden | Homepage

Running for your mind…

Rolf Ekman, University of Gothenburg, Sweden | Homepage

Time: June 4, 2009 - June 5, 2009 Location: Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Stockholm